Exes Kayla and Shawn are in a heated custody battle over their 3-year-old son, Ashton. The former high school sweethearts officially broke up in March 2013 and have been at odds ever since, calling the police and Child Protective Services on each other and filing a combined 79 court motions against one another.

Kayla claims that since the break-up, Shawn has become obsessed with her and uses their son as leverage. Kayla says, currently, she hasn't seen Ashton in 44 days, in violation of their 50/50 custody arrangement, because Shawn refuses to bring him back unless she leaves her new fiancé, Michael, and comes back to him. "Every day, I walk on eggshells," Kayla says.

Shawn admits he has been keeping Ashton from Kayla but says it's because he believes Michael is abusive — a claim Kayla strongly denies. But Shawn says Kayla recently old him she and Michael were broken up and she wanted to move back in with him and be a family again. Shawn says he wants to patch things up with the woman he calls the love of his life. "I truly want my family back and to be with Kayla, because that’s what makes me happy," he says.

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"How do you seduce a woman by withholding her child? That seems, to me, to be a unique seduction technique."

Kayla has a confession: "The secret I've been keeping from Shawn is ..."

Shawn and Michael meet face-to-face for the first time. How does Michael answer Shawn's accusations?

Can Shawn and Kayla stop the tug-of-war? Dr. Phil doesn't mince words in letting everyone know what's at stake.

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