Trisha and Danielle say they are furious with their father, Ron, who they say abandoned their dying mother for an alleged Kennedy heiress he met online. The daughters say they’re convinced this “Kennedy” is really a catfish. What does Dr. Phil uncover?

The Mystery of "Misty"

Trisha and Danielle are devastated because they say their father, Ron, abandoned their dying mother — his wife of 30 years — to pursue a relationship with “Misty Kennedy,” an alleged Kennedy heiress he met online. The daughters blame "Misty" for their mother's rapid decline, claiming that she died from a broken heart. What's more, the daughters say they have never believed "Misty" is who she claims to be, and they want to open their father's eyes.

Ron says he understands why his daughters are upset, but he is just following his heart. He says he and "Misty" started out as friends, but he quickly fell head over heels and proposed, despite never meeting her in person. He admits some of "Misty's" behavior has been strange but says he is still convinced that she is the real deal and the love of his life.

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"Come on, Ron, just one ol' bald country boy to another, you’re telling me you didn’t throw the * flag?"

Ron says he was devastated when he learned "Misty" had died of cancer. So, how is she still calling him?

"My belief is that you have been consorting with a 65-year-old woman."

Dr. Phil calls the mother of the girl whose photos were used as "Misty Kennedy." Hear her stunned reaction.

Dr. Phil tells Trisha and Danielle that he understands they are very angry at Ron, but they need to have compassion for the fact that he is also a victim in this scenario. The daughters agree and say they would like to work on rebuilding a relationship with their father.