In 1985, Rachel’s 14-year-old sister, Lori, was found brutally beaten to death in a wooded area. Lori’s ex-boyfriend, Walt, was initially tried for the murder, but the case was dismissed after the trial resulted in a hung jury — and the murder remains unsolved.

Rachel says she and her family were once close with Walt, and he was even best man at her wedding, but she's now "convinced" he killed Lori. She claims his story about where he was the night of Lori's death has changed four times.

Walt vehemently denies having anything to do with Lori’s murder and says Rachel has become “fixated” on him as the main suspect. “I’m innocent,” he says. “Lori’s murder has destroyed me.”

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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What does Rachel say happened in 1991 that made her believe Walt killed her sister?

Where was Walt the night of Lori's murder?

“How do you feel sitting across from the man you believe bludgeoned your sister to death?”

Why does Walt say he believes Rachel might have been involved in her sister’s murder? And, how does Rachel respond?

Walt says he passed a polygraph in 1985, clearing his name — but Rachel accuses him of using countermeasures, which he disputes. He also vehemently denies Rachel's claim that he raped her babysitter years ago. Both agree to take polygraph tests, administered by former FBI agent Jack Trimarco.

Tune in Monday to hear the results of Walt and Rachel's polygraphs!

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