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Mother-Daughter Custody Battle

Allison has been assuming the role of mother to her two granddaughters after she says her 25-year-old daughter, Jaimee, chose a life of drugs and prostitution over them. Today, Jaimee says she has put her dangerous lifestyle behind her and is looking to regain custody of her two daughters — but Allison won’t give them up without a fight.

“I don’t think prostitution is wrong.”

Jaimee turns the tables. Why does Jaimee blame her mother for her life choices?

In a surprising reveal, Jaimee tells Dr. Phil and her mother, she’d recently been contacted by her pimp. She also says her mother played a larger part in her choice to prostitute herself, and even accuses Allison of never loving her as much as the grandkids.

Dr. Phil sits down with mother and daughter in the hopes of resolving their conflict and helping Jaimee to get the support she needs. He employs the talents of two experts: family law attorney Areva Martin and Medical Director of the Department of Children and Family Services, Dr. Charles Sophy.

“Once a parent, always a parent,” says Dr. Sophy, as he explains that Allison must consider the needs of Jaimee as well as her grand-daughters.

Dr. Phil offers Jaimee help to move forward and regain custody of her children.

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