Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Dr. Phil talks to women who are in a rush to say "I do."


Wedding Obsessed
Jamie has her wedding all planned out, from the gown to the reception. There's just one thing missing: the groom! Jamie doesn't even have a boyfriend. 

View Jamie's story and Dr. Phil's advice.

School vs. Marriage
Siobhan, who is 20 and engaged, wishes her mom Belinda would "butt out" of her wedding plans. Belinda thinks her daughter is naive and should focus on medical school instead of rushing to marry.
Dr. Phil advises this mother and daughter.

An Old Maid?
Connie says that being unmarried at 27 makes her feel like a "loser." Her biggest fear is becoming "an old maid who lives with 100 cats." She hopes to get over her fear of never walking down the aisle.

See what Dr. Phil tells Connie.