Dr. Phil continues to search for answers in the cold case murder of Rachel's 14-year-old sister, Lori. Both Walt and Rachel agree to take polygraph tests to prove their claims — and the unexpected happens. What will the results reveal?

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

"I Was Blindsided"

Walt says after the first show taping, he felt blindsided by Rachel and Dr. Phil, and he thought they were trying to “play judge and jury” and re-try him onstage. “They were, more or less, accusing me of killing Lori,” he says, adding that Rachel has not yet been cleared as a suspect.

Walt and Rachel await the results of their polygraph tests, administered by former FBI agent Jack Trimarco. When Dr. Phil asks Walt why he refused to take a polygraph regarding Rachel's rape allegations against him, he denies ever raping anyone and says he appeared on the show only to discuss Lori's murder.

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What will Rachel's polygraph results reveal?

Walt addresses Rachel: “I feel sorry for you and your family as much as I do mine; my life has been destroyed over this.”

Hear the results of Walt's polygraph — how will Rachel react?

An unexpected moment occurs between Walt and Rachel.

“You do your sister no service by allowing yourself to fall apart.”

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