Brandy, 24, and Jacki, 27, say they believe their mother, Kimberly, is leading a secret sex life, while maintaining the façade of a happy marriage of 23 years to their stepfather.

The daughters say their suspicions began when they caught Kimberly sexting on a family vacation. They and their younger sister, Hannah, claim they have since uncovered internet ads, emails and text messages full of questionable behavior. As a result, Brandy and Jacki won't allow Kimberly to be around their children anymore.

Kimberly says her daughters are stirring up drama with half-truths and misinformation — and need to butt out of her business. "My daughters have accused me of having an affair on my husband; they've accused me of solicitation for prostitution; they've accused me of taking my granddaughter out in public to meet strangers," Kimberly says. "All these accusations are crazy."

Dr. Phil looks at Brandy and Jacki’s “evidence” and has some tough questions for Kimberly about her behavior. Can Dr. Phil get to the truth — and help put this family back together?

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Dr. Phil looks at an email from Kimberly's computer: "Did you write those things?"

"You did meet men ..."

Family friend Emily claims she knows the truth — because she saw it with her own eyes. How does Kimberly respond?

Is Kimberly putting herself in harm's way? Is her personal life any of her daughters' business? Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice for everyone involved!

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