From fist fights gone viral to the so-called “fire challenge,” Dr. Phil looks at the troubling trend of wild behaviors being recorded and posted online for the world to see. Plus, parents say their 15-year-old daughter is a violent and out of control, and they fear she'll end up in a fight video — or worse.

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Beaten Up on Tape

Catherine, 27, says last June, bystanders watched and recorded while she was beaten up by another woman — a former co-worker — as her 2-year-old looked on. No one intervened to help her. Catherine's physical injuries have healed, but she says she is still struggling to move on.

"What do you think about these people taking the videos and posting them?"

Fight Gone Viral

Emily, 15, says she was videotaped throwing a shovel at another girl during a fight. The brawl was recorded by a classmate, Josh, who posted the video on Facebook, where it quickly went viral, receiving hundreds of thousands of views. Now, Emily says she can't escape the incident. "I can't talk to anybody about anything because they say, 'Are you going to get the shovel?'" Emily says. "Social media has made my life a lot worse."

Emily's mother, Deborah, says she's proud of her daughter for defending herself. She says she is angry at Josh for posting the video, which she says has resulted in Emily receiving death threats.

Josh, 15, says he filmed the fight "because I'm a filmmaker," adding that he didn't think the fight would become serious. He says he and some friends "just decided to post the video because we thought it was funny." Josh admits he liked the attention the video got him when it went viral. "I've always wanted to be famous," he says.

Emily describes what she says happened the day of the fight. "Why did you throw the shovel?"

Does Josh regret filming the fight rather than stepping in to help?

The "Fire Challenge"

There's a new online trend that is frightening doctors, firefighters and parents. Believe it or not, people are setting themselves on fire and posting the videos online.

"It's called the fire challenge; I call it stupidity." Dr. Phil talks to a young man who did the challenge — hear his message to others.

Tune in to hear from parents Lisa and Tom, who say their daughter, Katie, is a violent, out-of-control "mean girl." Dr. Phil has a special challenge for Katie and six other teen girls. Get the details on this social experiment!

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