In 2011, Robyn Gardner vanished while on vacation in Aruba with her companion, Gary Giordano, who was considered the prime suspect but was never charged in connection with her disappearance. Dr. Phil sits down with Gary to sort through the details and accusations in search of answers. What happened to Robyn Gardner? And, will Gary — who maintains his innocence — take a polygraph test?

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Where is Robyn Gardner?

Gary maintains that he last saw Robyn in the water while they were snorkeling. He says he signaled to her that he was going back to the beach and then never saw her again.

"Why did you leave her behind?"

Why does Gary say he didn't return to the water with proper snorkeling equipment?

Robyn's sister, Danielle, meets Gary for the first time. “He’s trying to make money. He’s sinister.”

How does Gary explain the travel insurance policy he took out on Robin that listed him as the beneficiary? Why does Danielle say she knows her sister never even went into the water? And, will Gary take a polygraph test? Tune in to find out!

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