In early 2014, former live-in nanny Diane Stretton made headlines when she was dubbed the “squatter nanny" after refusing to move out of Marcella Bracamonte’s home. Tensions run high when the women come face to face on Dr. Phil’s stage.

Marcella, a mother of three, claims she fired Diane for failing to perform the live-in nanny duties they had verbally agreed upon, but Diane alleges Marcella had grown overly demanding and that she was harassed and tortured during her employment.

Who’s the victim in this mother vs. nanny feud? And why was the law on Diane’s side when the Bracamontes' tried to kick her out of their home?

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How does Diane respond to Marcella’s claim that she didn’t perform the duties they agreed upon?

“You made sure you knew the law before you got to my house, right?”

“What happened with the dog food?”

Does Diane plan on suing the Bracamontes? Tune in to find out. Plus, see what happens when Diane faces her sister, Donna, whom she hasn't seen in six years. How does Diane explain the multiple lawsuits she has filed against her family?