Monica says her 13-year-old daughter, Mikaya, is angry, violent and out of control. She says Mikaya has been suspended from school and in trouble with the law — and she fears for her daughter’s future.

Mikaya says she hates her mother, who she claims has been abusive and has kept her from seeing her father. Can this mother-daughter relationship be saved?

Then, don’t miss an exciting announcement from Robin McGraw and the Girl Scouts of the USA. Find out how you can help ensure that every girl has an opportunity to become a Girl Scout!




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Fed Up and at a Loss

Monica says she’s so fed up with her daughter, Mikaya, she’d surrender her to child services if she thought it would help. “She is very hateful to me,” Monica says. “Mikaya has been arrested twice for third degree assault — for assaulting me.” Monica explains that Mikaya has been in a juvenile detention center twice and has spent 30 days in inpatient residential care, followed by four months in foster care. Mikaya now lives with a friend's family. “I fear the choices Mikaya is making now will destroy her life, and she may end up dead,” Monica says.

Mikaya tells Dr. Phil that her mother is "two-faced" and only acts appropriately with her when other people are around. She says she’s angry because her mother took her away from her father and then put her in a mental institution and on a lot of drugs.






See a confrontation at home between Mikaya and her mother. And, Dr. Phil levels with the teen: “Your behavior means someone has to do something to protect you from yourself.”





Dr. Phil pinpoints the moment when Mikaya’s behavior changed. “She got caught in the crossfire.”



Dr. Phil offers an opportunity for Mikaya go to the Center for Discovery, a residential treatment center for women and teens. “Going home with her, to me, is not an option,” he tells Mikaya.



Support for Girls




Dr. Phil shares big news about his wife, Robin. And, Robin shares a personal story about volunteering for Girl Scouts of the USA.



Find out how Robin is helping girls across America become confident, strong and empowered.


Robin McGraw has been named National Celebrity Spokesperson for Girl Scouts of the USA!


When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil Foundation and Girl Scouts of the USA are working together to help enable girls across the country reach their full potential. The ToGetHerThere campaign will help ensure that every girl across the country has the opportunity to develop the confidence that Girl Scouts nurtures. If you believe in the unlimited potential of girls to change the world and want to learn how you can help make a difference, visit and sign up to receive campaign updates!


Girl Scouts of the USA has over three million girl and adult members in every U.S. zip code, and they're in more than 90 countries in the world! But there are 30,000 girls wait-listed nationwide who want to join but cannot because there is a shortage of volunteers. Help ensure that every girl has an opportunity to become a Girl Scout — go to for more information.  


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