Actress Kelly Rutherford opens up about her heartbreaking custody battle with her ex. Why were her children ordered to live with their father in France? Then, Amy and Chris say their 12-year-old daughter is battling Tourette syndrome, and they’re desperate for a solution to minimize her tics and outbursts.

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Bitter Custody Battle

Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss her headline-grabbing custody battle that she says has left her heartbroken and bankrupt. Why were her children ordered to live with their father in France?

“To watch your kids go through this is an excruciatingly painful thing.”

Dr. Phil tells his viewers, “If you take your disputes to court, you’re inviting the government in your lives, and you never know what he or she behind the bench is likely to do.”

Learn more about Kelly's nonprofit organization, The Children's Justice Campaign.

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Trapped in a Body She Can’t Control

Imagine your child being trapped in a body he or she cannot control -- wracked with violent involuntary movements, constant outbursts and blood-curdling screams. That’s what Amy and her husband, Chris, experience on a daily basis with their 12-year-old daughter, Sarah, who suffers from Tourette syndrome.

See Sarah's violent tics caught on home video.

Are there any non-invasive treatments available to help Sarah? Neuroradiologist Dr. Bradley Jabour weighs in.

Dr. Phil explains that there is no guarantee that the treatment they’re talking about would eliminate Sarah’s Tourette Syndrome, but there is substantial evidence that it could help with the component parts that go with it, like OCD, anxiety and depression, and that in turn may help her  vocal and motor tics become less intense and less frequent.

Dr. Jabour agrees to do Sarah’s evaluation to see if he can help her. Amy and Chris thank Dr. Phil and Dr. Jabour. 

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