Dottie claims that 45 years ago, her ex-husband, Bill, kidnapped their three children. With help from professional locator Troy Dunn, Dr. Phil reunites Dottie with her two youngest children, Theresa and Tim. But will it be the happy reunion Dottie is hoping for?

Reunited After Decades

Dottie says she has been searching for her children for 45 years. She says she last saw them when she dropped them off for a Thanksgiving Day visit with her ex-husband, the children’s father, in 1969. Dottie claims Bill, who is now deceased, kidnapped the kids, and she did everything in her power to get them back, but to no avail. "My kids were my life," she says. "There's not a day or night that goes by that I don't think about them."

Professional locator Troy Dunn tracks down Dottie's two youngest children, Theresa and Tim. But the siblings say they have a very different recollection of their childhood compared to Dottie.

Theresa, now 50, says she remembers Dottie as an angry, abusive woman, who fed her bourbon balls and stuck Tim with safety pins while changing his diaper — allegations Dottie strongly denies. Tim, 48, admits he was too young to remember much but says he has heard stories from family members about alleged abuse. "My mother was always portrayed to me as a villain," he says. "So, she's always been a villain in my mind."

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"You do everything, but you can't find them. It just doesn't smell right to me ..."

See the emotional moment when Dottie reunites with Theresa and Tim.

Theresa and Tim have some tough questions for their mother. "I never physically abused any of my children," Dottie insists.

Are Theresa and Tim interested in having a relationship with Dottie? Plus, tune in for an update on one of Dr. Phil's most memorable reunions!

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