Norma, a 70-year-old widow, says she can’t wait to move to Ghana to be with her fiancé, “Richard Randall,” whom she met online two years ago but has never met in person. Norma sent "Richard" her entire life savings of more than $300,000, three cars and even had plans to adopt a 12-year-old orphan with him.

Tammy, Norma’s daughter, believes her mother is being scammed by a catfish.

Dr. Phil tracks down the real man behind the images of “Richard,” and Norma listens to a phone call Dr. Phil has with someone who Norma admits sounds a lot like her lover. Is she being scammed?

Plus, get an update on two past guests: Sebrina, who learned she had been victimized in a catfish scam, and Anna, who confronted her husband, Pablo, about his infidelities. How are they now?

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Norma discusses the connection she feels with the man she met on a dating site but has never met face to face. 

Norma's daughter, Tammy, is reduced to tears when her mother admits she would rather live in denial than face the facts of who her fiancé really is.

Dr. Phil has a heart-to-heart with Norma about accepting the reality of who her online "boyfriend" is and how to reconnect with the people in her life she has alienated.

Tune in to meet the real man behind the images of "Richard." And hear his heartfelt message to Norma.

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