Moving at the speed of light, stressed out and sleep deprived, these supermoms are headed toward super meltdowns! Dr. Phil advises them how to regain control of their hectic lives.


"I'm Losing It!"
Alyce has overscheduled her family so much that she's on the go over 18 hours a day. Her crazy life is affecting her health and the health of her 10-year-old son.

A Walking Zombie
Jeanne is the mother of four toddlers and a full-time nurse practitioner. Often going 42 hours without sleep, she snaps at her husband and loses her temper on a daily basis. 



The Biggest Faker
Patty has a hard time admitting that she's not a supermom, and doesn't know how to say no to others. She never lets the stress show on her face, but now she's starting to lose her hair!


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