Laura and Heather haven’t spoken to their mother, Judy, in three months and won’t let their children around her, because they believe she is faking multiple personality disorder — to excuse her alcohol-induced bad behavior. Judy admits she has a drinking problem but says she is convinced her diagnosis is real and blames one of her alters, “Emmeline,” for getting her into trouble. Judy’s husband of 33 years, Brian, supports his wife and says he just wants his family to get along. Dr. Phil brings everyone together in search of a peaceful resolution. Is Judy really suffering from multiple personalities? And is she a danger to her grandchildren?

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“How am I guaranteed that I always have Judy when she’s alone with my kids?”

See what happens when Judy "transitions to Emmeline” onstage.

“Let me tell you guys what I think is going on here.”

Tune in to learn what painful experience from Judy's past could be causing her behavior. Plus, hear Dr. Phil's offer of help to Judy and advice for her family.

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