In part one of a special two-part series, meet seven teenage girls — some who say they’ve been bullied and others who admit they’ve been bullies themselves. When sent to live together in The Dr. Phil House, will they get along and learn from each other’s experiences?

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The Anti-Bullying Retreat

Forget sugar, and spice and everything nice! When it comes to bullying, it's not just a boy's world. More and more, girls are becoming the aggressors. A recent survey of sixth and seventh-grade girls showed almost one in three admitted to hitting someone as a form of bullying. And punches are also being thrown in cyberspace, as girls use the Internet to harass each other as well as post videos of their physical fights.

So, what can be done? Dr. Phil tackles the issue head-on by bringing together girls who say they have either been victimized by bullies or have been bullies themselves. The teens — Hanna, Katie, Lily, Katelyn, Nicole, Tempest and another Hannah — head to The Dr. Phil House for a three-day retreat. They are met by Dr. Charles Sophy, Medical Director for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Service, to kick things off.

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A group exercise turns tense when Tempest decides she has had enough. "I'm going to punch a producer."

How will Tempest's mother, Chanell, react? When questioned by Dr. Sophy, she reveals some information about her daughter that raises concerns.

Dr. Phil Arrives

Dr. Phil heads to the house for a debrief with Dr. Sophy. Then, he sits down with the teens to check in on them and talk about their experiences, while their moms watch from another room.

Nicole says she's not a bully; she's just brutally honest. Dr. Phil: "I have this theory that people who do what you do are playing a game: Get them before they get me."

Dr. Phil reviews some of Katie's bad behavior, according to her parents. "I feel like I've turned into a monster," she says.

Tempest tells Dr. Phil, "I think you're a know-it-all."

Tune in to see more of Dr. Phil's conversation with the teens. Katie reveals a source of pain. And, see what causes Tempest to storm out again!

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