Jessica says her mother, Patricia, claims she is defying the odds by becoming a record-setting weight lifter while simultaneously battling Stage 3 brain cancer. But Jessica insists her mother isn’t sick at all and that she is lying about her health to gain sympathy and attention. She says Patricia has been spinning stories about various medical ailments for as long as she can remember — and it’s time to come clean.

Patricia strongly denies her daughter’s accusations and insists her diagnosis and incredible survival story are real. Why does she claim Jessica is out to get her? Emotions run high when mother and daughter face each other on Dr. Phil’s stage. Do Patricia’s claims hold up? And, can this mother and daughter repair their fractured relationship?

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“A Fraud and a Liar”?

Jessica says her mother Patricia did have a major brain surgery because of a small bleed in her head, but she doesn’t have cancer.

Patricia explains her extraordinary survival story.

Dr. Phil challenges Patricia’s claims. How does she explain her medical records?

Is Her Home a Health Hazard?

Jessica says her mother’s house is filthy, and she’s concerned for her well-being and that of her brother and her mother’s pets. Dr. Phil sent a scientist to her home to take air and surface samples for evaluation and reveals the shocking results. 

"You can tell whatever stories you want — I’m protecting those animals, whether you like it or whether you don’t."

Tune in to see Dr. Phil’s offer of help to Patricia. Will she accept?

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