Siblings Karina, Nicole, Amber and Chase say their mother, Teresa, has blacklisted them from the family and won’t let them see their father, Michael, who is dying of bone cancer. They claim Teresa won’t give them a current address and even deletes their voicemails and text messages to Michael. They say they miss their father and younger siblings, who still live at home.

Teresa strongly denies these accusations and points the finger back at her oldest children, who she claims have isolated themselves from the family. She says she has provided everything for her kids and doesn't understand why they have turned their backs on her and Michael now.

Emotions run high when this fractured family comes together on Dr. Phil’s stage — and these four children reunite with their father. What does he say about the situation? What’s at the root of this family feud? And, can they put an end to the fighting before it's too late?

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Emotions run high between Karina and Teresa. "So, you're totally OK with them seeing their father?"

The children reunite with Michael. "It's been rough. I can't point a finger — not at my wife, not at my children."

"Look, the past is over. The future hasn't happened. The only time is right now."

Can this family find a way to put an end the fighting and come together for Michael's sake? Tune in to see what happens!