Sylvia and her ex-husband, John, say their 24-year-old son, Johnny, has extreme rage issues, and they fear he might one day follow through with his continuous threats to kill them. They claim they’ve done everything in their power to help their son, including having him arrested and committed to psych wards seven times, but they say nothing has worked. Johnny blames his parents for his behavior and says they disrespect and antagonize him. What’s really at the root of his rage? Dr. Phil digs deep into Johnny’s past and uncovers a source of pain. Can Johnny calm his anger and finally heal his emotional wounds? This show contains strong language. Viewer discretion advised.

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"What do I need to get them to stop doing, so your life isn’t chaotic?"

Sylvia describes her biggest fear. And, Johnny and his father square off.

Dr. Phil uncovers a source of pain from Johnny's past.

Dr. Phil addresses the parents. “You people are so part of this problem; you are so not part of the solution.”

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's offer of help to Johnny — will he accept?