Dr. Phil sheds light on the dark and dangerous side of the Internet: Cyberbullying.

First, grieving mother Alicia tragically lost her 5-year-old son to drowning nearly three months ago.  Ever since, she claims her former high school friend, Jessica, has been posting outrageous comments about her online — even accusing Alicia of being responsible for her son’s death. Jessica admits to making nasty comments about Alicia online but claims they were in retaliation. What does she say Alicia did to provoke her? Can these mothers stop the mudslinging and reach a truce?

Then, in October 2012, Carol’s 15-year-old daughter, Amanda, took her own life after the teen was cyberbullied by a man she met online. Carol shares her heartbreaking story with the nation — and offers words of wisdom to Alicia and Jessica. Will her story make an impact?

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Jessica admits she cyberbullied her former friend Alicia after the woman's 5-year-old drowned. Dr. Phil asks her why.

Are there two sides to this cyberbullying story? Is this grieving mom actually instigating a cyber-war with her ex-boyfriend and his current wife?

Hear what a Dr. Phil show fan says to the two women who can't seem to extricate themselves from social media and stop lashing out at each other.

"Cyberbullying Killed My Daughter: The Amanda Todd Story"

On October 10, 2012, Carol's 15-year-old daughter, Amanda, took her own life — just weeks after the teen posted a video on YouTube, which has since garnered more than 9 million views. Carol shares her heartbreaking story with Dr. Phil.

Amanda Todd's mother, Carol, talks with Dr. Phil about some of the things Amanda cherished and the legacy she created after Amanda's death.