Dana is furious with her sister, Jaye, who she says refuses to relinquish temporary guardianship of Dana’s 13-year-old daughter. Dana admits she has struggled with drugs in the past but says she has turned her life around. Jaye says she's not so sure. Who should have custody?

Sisters at Odds

For the past eight years, Jaye has been helping care for her 13-year-old niece, because her sister, Dana, has struggled with an addiction to heroin. But now, Dana says she has been clean for 21 months and is ready to be a mom. However, Jaye is reluctant to surrender guardianship.

Dana claims Jaye has always been jealous of her and is keeping her daughter out of spite. What's more, Dana says she worries about the lifestyle her daughter has living with Jaye in Tennessee. "The schools in Tennessee rate some of the lowest in the entire country," she says. Dana also claims her daughter isn't involved in after-school sports or activities and has gained weight.

But Jaye insists her niece is doing great in her care, even making the honor roll. Jaye says she would love to give Dana her daughter back — if Dana could get a steady job, get her own home and stay sober. "She’s a master manipulator and is very good at covering up her drug usage," Jaye claims. She says her niece doesn't feel safe around Dana and doesn't want to live with her.

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"She says you've told her that her mother's an addict and can't be trusted."

Dana and Jaye's mother, Virginia, calls her daughters "spoiled brats." But is she totally innocent in this tug-of-war?

Why was Dana arrested a few months ago?

Dr. Phil sits down with Dana's daughter: "What do you want to do?"

Dana and Jaye agree to take drug tests. Tune in for the results. Plus, Dr. Phil weighs in — what does he think is the family’s best plan for moving forward?