Nine months ago, Minny and Lon appeared on the show after their then 17-year-old son, Andrue, tragically tried to take his own life. Andrue said he acted out of desperation and accused his mother and stepfather of physically and mentally abusing him along with his three younger siblings — allegations Andrue’s parents have strongly denied. Based on testimony from Andrue, the younger children were taken away and placed in foster care.

Now, Minny and Lon, who have separated, are back on the show in an effort to regain custody and hopefully mend their relationship with Andrue. Dr. Phil has some tough questions for Minny and Lon, who seem relentless in pointing fingers at each other. Is either fit to raise the children?

Then, emotions run high when Andrue joins the conversation — what does he want for his siblings? Can Dr. Phil calm this family’s chaos and put a plan in place for the future?

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Can Dr. Phil help these parents get their kids back? See the long list of abuse allegations they’re fighting.

Dr. Phil asks Minny if she’s taking all that has happened seriously. See some of her disturbing interactions on social media.

See Andrue confront Minny and Lon and call them out on their treatment of him and his siblings.

Tune in to hear what expert Dr. Charles Sophy says to Lon and Minny about their parenting — and what they need to do to get their children back.

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  • Dr. Charles Sophy
    Medical Director, County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services