Lisa says her half-sister, Sarah, is a sociopathic liar who is pushing her entire family away with her web of deceit, which includes forging checks and lying about the deaths of her father and brother. Sarah admits she has a problem, which has cost her every relationship she has ever had, but she says she still doesn’t know how to stop. Sarah’s family confronts her on Dr. Phil’s stage. How does she explain her choices? Could something in her past have triggered her behavior? Plus, how can she repair the damage she has caused and regain her family’s trust?

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See what happens when Sarah is confronted by her siblings.

“You picked up the phone and delivered the message that your father was dead; don’t tell me you don’t know why, because you do.”

“How do you apologize to people?”

Dr. Phil lists the common reasons why people lie.

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice and offer of help to Sarah. How can she regain her family's trust? Plus, click here to hear Dr. Phil's thoughts after the show!

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