Megan, 24, claims six years ago, her father, Robert, raped her while she was passed out after a night of partying — an accusation Robert vehemently denies. Megan says when she finally had the courage to speak up about what she claims happened, her mother, Tina, and sister, Krissy, called her a liar and took her father’s side. Robert accuses Megan of fabricating the “disgusting” story with one goal in mind — payback for him being the disciplinarian while raising her. The divided family sits down with Dr. Phil in search of answers. Robert and Megan both agree to take a polygraph test — what will the results reveal? And, how can this family heal and move forward? This show contains strong language and adult subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

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Megan says after a night of drinking and doing cocaine in Mexico, she passed out naked in her room and woke up to see her father standing by her bed. She says she was having a sexual dream when she woke up, and was alarmed to see her father there, so she screamed for him to get out and then fell back to sleep.

In the morning, she says, “Things slowly started coming back to me." Upon making eye contact with her father that morning, she says, "I saw nothing but pure darkness in his eyes. That’s when I realized it happened. Everything came back. I’m 100 percent sure that my dad raped me that night."

Megan's father, Robert, denies any wrongdoing, and her mother, Tina, and sister, Krissy, don’t believe Megan. “There’s no way in a million years my dad would ever, ever touch my sister sexually,” Krissy says. Tina says, "I believe something happened to her. She likes to party, hang out with wrong crowds. She could’ve been raped by somebody, but it was not my husband.”

Robert says his daughter’s vicious allegations are untrue. “Megan has always been a problem child. She had drug problems. She’s been into prostitution,” Robert says. “It’s obvious to me why Megan made this allegation against me."

Megan explains how her family wasn’t there for her while she was growing up and how she turned elsewhere to get what she needed.

“Did you rape your daughter?”

Megan and Robert agreed to take a polygraph test. Dr. Phil explains why he doesn’t want to read the results.

Tune in to see what the polygraph reveals and Dr. Phil’s offer of help for this family.

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