David and Lori say they are fed up with their 26-year-old son, Christopher, who is still living at home. Dr. Phil delivers a dose of reality to Christopher — and to his parents. How can Christopher get his life on track?

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Failure to Launch

David and Lori say their 26-year-old son, Christopher, was once a model child but is now lazy, unmotivated and in no rush to leave home. They say Christopher makes a mess of his room, can't hold a job, drinks and smokes pot and doesn't even properly manage his diabetes — which has resulted in him having several seizures. The parents admit they make life comfortable for Christopher but say they worry too much about his health to kick him out. 

Christopher admits he is messy but says his room is his space, and his parents shouldn't bother him about it. He also says he would like to live on his own — if he could afford it. Christopher has had nine jobs and admits he was fired from four of them. Currently, he works part-time at a juice shop but says minimum wage just doesn't cut it.

"Do you just sit in your room at night and laugh your ass off at what you’re getting away with?"

"Diabetes is a disease ... It's not an excuse," Dr. Phil tells the parents.

What advice does Dr. Phil give David and Lori for helping their son stand on his own two feet? Tune in!

News Now: Entitlement in Athletics?

Florida State University's star quarterback, Jameis Winston, is making headlines off the field with charges of alleged shoplifting, an alleged sexual assault and allegations of selling autographs and yelling obscenities on campus. Yet, he is still playing. Also in the news, seven football players from Sayreville High School in New Jersey recently were taken into custody and charged with assault and sex crimes against their own teammates. Reportedly, this was not an isolated incident.

"The message should be: Know the rules and follow them, or you will have to go home."

Besides a canceled season, what other repercussions could the accused Sayreville players face? CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin weighs in.

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