Vanessa and Kurt say Vanessa's 15-year-old daughter, Emily, is heading down a dangerous path with her reckless behavior. But Emily insists she's not the partier her mom and stepdad make her out to be. Can Dr. Phil help this blended family get back on track?

Blended Family Chaos

Vanessa and Kurt are fed up with Vanessa's daughter, Emily, because they say she is drinking, smoking pot, popping pills and has a terrible attitude toward everyone in the family. Vanessa admits she has no clue what to do, and Kurt says he avoids Emily completely — and would prefer she just move out. "I'm not a big Emily fan," he admits. "I think our marriage would be better if she wasn't here. In a perfect world, it would just be me, Vanessa and [my daughter] Paige."

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Emily admits she occasionally drinks and has smoked pot but insists she's a good kid who gets good grades, and she deserves some freedom. She says she and her mother used to be best friends, but things have changed since Kurt came into the picture. "I'm aware that Kurt doesn't like me, and he doesn't wish positive things for my future," Emily says.

"I'm a parent, and I've always had the attitude: If my children aren't welcome, I ain't welcome."

"You say you're just a typical 15 year old. No problems, right?"

Emily's dad, Jason, says he doesn't think she's out of control. Is he just naïve?

"This is not an Emily problem." Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice to the family — how can they move forward?

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