When Bob and Dorothy last appeared on Dr. Phil, the quarreling couple agreed to tone down the cursing, screaming, hitting and accusations — which they confessed happened frequently in front of their 12-year-old daughter. Now, they’re back — and admittedly worse than ever.

Bob says he moved out to escape Dorothy’s wrath, but he claims that hasn’t stopped her from throwing a rock and paint can at him, smashing his expensive guitar, breaking the windows of his rental home and falsely accusing him of running around on her. Dorothy blames Bob for her outrageous behavior and claims he mentally tortures her until she snaps.

With the divorce papers in Bob’s possession but not yet signed, can these two finally calm the chaos and decide to go their separate ways?

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Dorothy offers her "evidence" to Dr. Phil of Bob's alleged adulterous ways.

Dr. Phil asks the couple about the "Russian."

"My mom is a psycho. She needs to be institutionalized," says Samantha, Bob and Dorothy's 22-year-old daughter.

Dr. Phil talks with Dorothy and Bob's 12-year-old daughter. Hear what she says about how her parent's turmoil is affecting her.

Tune in to hear family law attorney Areva Martin's warning to Bob and Dorothy about their tumultuous behavior and what may result if it continues.