Two years ago, at age 18, Matthew Scheidt was convicted of impersonating a physician assistant and practicing medicine without a license at a Florida hospital. According to prosecutors, he dressed wounds, examined patients and even performed CPR — despite having no qualifications for the position. Four months after being bonded out of a juvenile detention center, he was arrested again — find out what crime he was accused of doing while on probation! In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Matthew, now 20, speaks out for the first time. How does he explain his actions? And, now that he is a convicted felon, how can he repair his reputation and move toward a more promising future?

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“A Lie That Spun Out of Control”

How did a 17-year-old deceive an entire hospital and treat patients as a physician assistant for more than a week? Matthew Scheidt explains that it all started with a lie and the wrong ID badge. “I went down to the HR department and asked the lady that was at the front desk to be issued an ID,” Matthew recalls. “Not even thinking about it, I lied and told her I was physician assistant student, but she ended up printing an ID that said physician assistant. As I’m walking out the doors of the hospital having this PA ID, I’m thinking to myself, what the hell did I just do?”

Matthew says during his time in the hospital, he had a lot of interactions with patients, including listening to hearts, reviewing charts and even performing CPR. “As I look back now, I know I overstepped my boundaries, but at that time, I didn’t know that what I was doing was really wrong,” he says.

Matthew was sentenced to one year in jail, one year of house arrest and eight years of probation.

Tune in to learn what Matthew is accused of doing while on probation!

"I see this situation that you ‘got caught up in’ that ‘spiraled out of control’ as outrageously dangerous.”

Did Matthew learn his lesson, or is he still in denial? Dr. Phil weighs in.


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