Dr. Phil sits down with “Homeless Joe,” a 26-year-old YouTube sensation who survives the mean streets of Manhattan by panhandling during the day and picking up women at night. Joe says he relies on his good looks and charm to convince women to take him home — giving him a place to sleep and a hot shower a few nights a week. On the other nights, he makes his bed on a piece of cardboard. How did he end up living on the streets? Joe’s friend, Pedro, says Joe is a good guy but is an alcoholic who needs help — which is why he drove Joe across the country to meet Dr. Phil. Is this “cardboard Casanova” interested in turning his life around?   

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Cardboard Casanova?

A video of “Homeless Joe,” courtesy of Elite Daily, has 4.7 million views on YouTube. Joe says he survives life on the streets by panhandling during the day and picking up women at night. How did a good-looking, charming, promising student from a good family end up homeless?

Joe explains how he maintains a presentable appearance and discloses how much money he makes by panhandling.

Is Joe happy being on the streets? And, what's his trick to convincing women to take him home?

Dr. Phil shares why he’s not buying Joe’s positive spin on homelessness. “I’ve been homeless.”

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's offer of help — will Joe accept a chance to turn his life around?

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