In September 2010, 24-year-old Michelle O’Connell was found shot to death in what authorities ruled a suicide — a case that was recently ordered reopened by the governor of Florida. Michelle’s mother, Patricia, and sister, Jennifer, insist the young mother never would have taken her own life, and they believe Michelle’s boyfriend, Jeremy — a sheriff’s deputy — killed her, which he denies.

Michelle’s brother, Scott — also a sheriff’s deputy — and his wife, Beth, support Jeremy and say Patricia and Jennifer need to stop living in denial. How does Scott answer his mother’s accusation that he’s betraying his family to save his job?

Dr. Phil brings this fractured family together in search of answers. What happened to Michelle that night? Hear from one of the first responders on the scene — why does she believe the initial finding of suicide was wrong? And, can this family put their differences aside and come together and grieve for Michelle?

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"There was no suicide in Michelle."

"I would have done anything to protect my sister, and for them to say I stand against her to get my job back is wrong."

Hear Patricia and Jessica's allegations about the investigation. What do they claim was done wrong?

Tune in to hear from Debra Maynard, one of the first responders on the scene — what does she claim was odd about that night? And, Jeremy's attorney, Mac McLeod, weighs in.

Plus, can this family find a way to end the conflict and come together?

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