Rick says his ex-wife, Nicole, and ex-girlfriend, Laura, used to hate each other but now have joined forces in an attempt to ruin his life. Rick says things with Nicole were fine — until Laura got involved following their breakup. Now, he finds himself answering to what he calls "absurd" allegations from both exes that he is a danger.

But Nicole and Laura say they're not in cahoots. In fact, they're afraid of Rick,who they claim is abusive, controlling, unstable and has threatened to kill them both — claims Rick absolutely denies.

Dr. Phil brings everyone together in search of answers. Is Rick really a danger? Or, could this be a case of scorned exes seeking revenge? The plot thickens when two more of Rick’s ex-girlfriends, Linda and Shelly, join the conversation — what do they say about him? And, can these adults put an end to all the drama?

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"You think he's a danger. Why?" Nicole and Laura talk about the threats they claim Rick has made against them.

Hear from another ex-girlfriend, Shelly. Why does she defend Rick?

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice for everyone involved. Can they put an end to the drama?