Nikki says her three-year marriage has turned volatile. She claims her husband, Mark, has punched her in the face, broken her nose and run over her toe with his truck — among other allegations — all of which he denies. Mark claims Nikki instigates most of their fights and has violent outbursts, and he suspects she might be trying to kill him. The couple admits their confrontations happen in front of their two young children, and both say they want to save their marriage. Dr. Phil intervenes for the sake of their kids. Can this toxic relationship be healed?

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Chaos: Witnessed by Children

Nikki says when she met her husband, Mark, five years ago, he was a total gentleman. But now, she claims Mark is abusive and purposely making her miserable. “Mark became violent with me soon after I was pregnant with our oldest daughter, and it has escalated over the last three years,” she says. “Mark and I fight and argue daily. It’s a chaotic home.” She claims Mark has instigated more than 20 physical fights.

Mark denies being abusive and says Nikki instigates most of their fights and thrives on playing the victim. “I am not an abuser,” he says. “Battered wives are scared and timid, because they’re afraid they’re going to be battered. My wife is the exact opposite. My wife will nag, push me and slap me. She has punched me.” He adds, “She will poke and prod until I finally explode.” He says the situation has gotten so bad that he recently moved out.

“Are you a drama queen?” And, Dr. Phil analyzes video of Mark running over Nikki’s foot.

How does Nikki respond to Mark’s allegation that she tried to poison him more than once?

See video of a confrontation where Nikki claims Mark tried to break her fingers. And, hear Dr. Phil’s reaction.

Dr. Phil gets real with the couple about fighting in front of their children.

Robin has a warning for Nikki and Mark.

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice and offer of help to Mark and Nikki — can they calm the chaos, for the sake of their children?