In a daytime television exclusive, Dr. Phil sits down with Gigi Jordan, a millionaire New York socialite and former pharmaceutical executive on trial this week for the February 2010 death of her 8-year-old son, Jude. Gigi has admitted to giving Jude a fatal dose of prescription drugs inside a luxury suite at the Peninsula Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, in what she claims was a murder-suicide gone wrong. Gigi opens up about that fateful day — and what she claims drove her to the point of desperation. Was this murder or a mother trying to protect her child? And, does Gigi regret her actions?

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Murder or Protection?

In February 2010, Gigi admits she took her 8-year-old son, Jude, to a luxury hotel suite and proceeded to take his life by poisoning him with a lethal combination of prescription pills and alcohol mixed with orange juice — some of which Gigi, a trained nurse, administered through a feeding syringe. She says she later attempted to take her own life but was eventually found semi-conscious next to her son’s body.

Gigi claims she believed her first husband, Ray Mirra, intended to kill her, because she had information about alleged financial fraud and mob connections. She says if she died, she feared Jude would end up with her second husband, Jude's biological father, whom she accuses of sexually abusing the boy — causing a  catatonic psychosis mistaken for autism. 

Both men absolutely refute the allegations, neither has been charged with any crime, and Mirra has filed a lawsuit against Gigi for slander.

Although Gigi claims she killed her son to "protect" him, prosecutors argue that she wanted him out of the way so she could enjoy a glamorous, jet-setting lifestyle.

With her fate hanging in the balance, Gigi sits down with Dr. Phil for an exclusive interview.

"Did you get on top on your son and sit on his chest and force-feed him these medicines?"

"You had money. You had means. You had passports. You had unfettered custody and control. Why not run?"

"If you had this to do over, would you end his life again?"

Tune in to hear more of Dr. Phil's exclusive interview — why does Gigi say she wasn't given a fair trial?

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