Melvin says he is torn between his wife of eight years, Rachel, and his girlfriend of two years, Chantelle, and he wants Dr. Phil to help him decide whom he should choose. Melvin, who is currently living with Chantelle, admits he spends “quality time” with both women, whom he says he loves. But Rachel says she’s fed up with the back-and-forth and wants Melvin to make a decision once and for all, so she can get on with her life — with or without him.

Emotions run high when the women meet face to face for the first time. Why has Rachel settled for sharing her husband? And, will she decide to stay in the marriage or leave Melvin? Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s stern advice for all the players in this love triangle. Will Dr. Phil help Melvin with his choice — or will someone else make the decision for him?

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"Do you feel any guilt at all for cheating on your wife?"

Rachel and Chantelle meet for the first time. "Aren't you just sitting around saying, 'How did I find two such gullible women?'"

See what causes Melvin and Chantelle to storm out.

Tension builds between Rachel and Chantelle. "You're here because you keep kicking your husband out."

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice for everyone involved. Why has Rachel settled for sharing her husband? And, will Melvin end up with his wife or his girlfriend — or no one at all?

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