Andre says his sister, Valerie, is a "platinum digger" who preys on men with money and power, and he fears her scheming ways could get her seriously hurt — or even killed. Valerie insists she's not a gold digger — how does she describe her behavior? And, is she ready to put love before money? This program contains strong language and adult subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

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A Brother's Concerns

Andre says his sister, Valerie, isn't just a gold digger — she's a "platinum digger" who goes after men with money and power, especially professional athletes. He says Valerie "changes men like she changes shoes," and he's worried she's going to get herself in serious trouble. "Rich guys don't handle rejection very well," Andre says. "On maybe a dozen occasions, I’ve gotten calls saying she’s stranded, her tires have been slashed, that she was punched in the stomach so hard she couldn't walk upright," he claims. "I'm terrified for my sister."

Valerie admits she has made some bad dating decisions but insists she's fine and Andre needs to butt out of her business. She says she has a talent for "manipulating the situation" — which has brought her money, jewelry, lavish trips and luxury cars — but says she's not a gold digger. "I'm a goal digger — G-O-A-L," Valerie says. "I would describe the relationships I have with the men in my life as one big chess match, and I'll always be the one who yells checkmate."

"Do you manipulate men?" Valerie explains the difference between a gold digger and a goal digger.

Emotions run high between Valerie and Andre. "When do you come to my rescue?"

Prior to appearing on the show, Valerie demonstrated her abilities at a bar — with Dr. Phil cameras in tow. Hear from two men she met — what did they think of her?

Valerie says she doesn't think love is in the cards for her — why not? Tune in for Dr. Phil's advice! Will Valerie be open to it?

Honey, I Forgot My...

We've all misplaced our car keys or forgotten to pick up milk on the way home, but Amanda says she takes the term "brain freeze" to a whole new level. She says despite the hundreds of sticky notes all over the house, she still manages to forget the simplest of things!

Roger Barnett, Chairman and CEO of the health and wellness company Shaklee, shares tips for supporting overall brain health.

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