Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Shemida and her family, who say Shemida’s 70-plus diagnoses are tearing their family apart. Two of Shemida’s children share their very different points of view regarding their mother and her illnesses. Dr. Phil weighs in: Is there a reason Shemida might be hiding behind illnesses and medications? And, how can she reclaim her life?

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The Rest of the Family Speaks

Shemida’s 18-year-old daughter, Sharayah, says she is fed up with her mother's constant illnesses and moved in with her aunt, Shemida's sister, Dana, to escape all the drama. "While other moms are soccer moms, my mom is sleeping, sick [and] complaining, instead of just trying to be there for her kids," Sharayah says. "I feel like I really had to help raise myself and my brothers."

Shemida's husband, Owen, has stuck by her through all the diagnoses and medications — and even an affair, which Shemida said was due to her untreated bipolar disorder. He says Shemida's sicknesses take up a lot of his time and have fractured their family. "I feel robbed of the mother of my children and the wife that I married," he says.

But Shemida's 16-year-old son, Sayge, says he is the only one who really understands what life is like for his mother. He says he goes with her to doctor's appointments and even quit playing football so he could spend more time with her. "I'm more caring about my family," he says. "I never get tired of it. My mom definitely needs more help than she's getting now."

Sparks fly between Sharayah and Shemida. "Yes, I'm mad at you, Mom!"

"You have had trauma in your life, and in my opinion, you've never dealt with it."

Hear Dr. Phil's advice to Sayge: "I would hell of a lot rather see you strapping on a helmet than giving your mother a shot."

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's offer of help to Shemida — is she ready to take back her life?