When he first appeared on the show one year ago, Survivor: China winner Todd Herzog was battling an alcohol addiction so severe, his family feared he could die at any moment. A clearly intoxicated Todd received a dose of reality from Dr. Phil and agreed to enter a 90-day rehab program. Several months later, in February 2014, Todd took part in Dr. Phil's 2000th episode and had a happy update: He had been sober for 112 days.

But Todd’s mother, Shirley, and stepdad, Chuck, say Todd has since fallen off the wagon completely and is now worse than ever. With no time to waste, Dr. Phil travels to Todd’s home in Utah and flies him back to Los Angeles for another life-saving intervention, alongside mother-and-son intervention team Brandon and Debbie. What went wrong with Todd?

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Dr. Phil confronts Todd at his home. "I am not giving up on you, kid."

"I came back here for your 2000th episode, and I was 112 days sober. And on 114 days is when I relapsed."

Tune in to see why Todd says he won't go back to Texas. And don't miss Part 2. Will Todd accept a second chance at recovery?

Plus, don't miss updates on "Homeless Joe," the three sisters addicted to heroin, and Michelle Knight. How are they now?

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