Dr. Phil continues his efforts to get Survivor: China winner Todd Herzog the life-saving treatment he needs, following Todd’s relapse after 112 days of sobriety. Todd said he was angry when Dr. Phil showed up on his doorstep and did not want to return to Texas, where he completed rehab but refused to go into aftercare. Does he realize the severity of his situation?

Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words with Todd — or with his mother, Shirley, who admits she’s in over her head. Can she learn to stop enabling her son? And, when given another chance to overcome his addiction, will Todd accept? Catch up on what you missed in Part 1!

Then, almost a month ago, YouTube sensation "Homeless Joe" appeared on the show and accepted Dr. Phil's help for his drinking problem. How is he doing now? And, is he still living on the streets?

Plus, don’t miss updates on three sisters addicted to heroin and former Ariel Castro captive Michelle Knight. What secret struggle does Michelle say she has been dealing with since being rescued?

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"Look at my face. Do I look like I give a * that you're a little pissed off?"

Can Todd's mother learn to stop enabling him? "I want to help, but I know I'm loving him to death."

Tune in to see if Todd accepts a second chance at recovery.

Plus, don't miss updates on "Homeless Joe," the three sisters addicted to heroin, and Michelle Knight. How are they now?

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