Sarah says her parents, Bill and Laura, don't approve of her pastor husband of eight years, Jason, and won’t stop meddling in her marriage. Bill and Laura say they're worried about Sarah and claim Jason is bad news. Are they justified in their concerns? Have they overstepped their bounds?

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Husband vs. Parents

Sarah says her parents, Bill and Laura, have always had a problem with everyone she has dated. She says when Jason wanted to propose, her father asked him to wait, but Jason went ahead. Sarah recalls, "On the day of my wedding, 15 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle, my mom came in an old, black dress she used to wear to funerals." She says the drama has only intensified with time, and she's tired of being caught in the middle.

But Bill and Laura insist they have good reason to meddle in Sarah's marriage — they claim Jason is controlling and verbally abusive. "Sarah wasn't given to Jason; he stole her," Laura says. "He uses his pulpit as a bully pulpit ... He has her pummeled into dust."

Bill says Jason is dominating, demeaning, and treats Sarah "like a second-class citizen." He admits that just a few weeks ago, he punched Jason in the face, after confronting him about an argument Jason and Sarah were having. "I'm not sorry I did it," Bill says. "He brought it on."

Jason says he did nothing to provoke Bill that night — he just asked him to stay out of a matter that was between him and Sarah. He admits he can be overbearing and "a jerk" at times but insists the bigger problem is Bill and Laura, who can't seem to let go. "I feel like I have to protect Sarah from her parents," he says. "They love her in a very distorted way."

"This whole situation has come about because you're a disrespectful boy. You were asked to wait."

"The Bible says husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church and wives are to be submissive to their husbands." What does Dr. Phil think?

Is Sarah sharing a little too much information with her mother about her marriage? And, Dr. Phil asks Laura about the black dress.

Tune in as the drama unfolds! Does Sarah want to remain married? Plus, don't miss Part 2 tomorrow when Jason's parents join the conversation and tensions boil even higher.