Every woman hopes for the perfect wedding day. So what's a bride to do when her fears threaten to turn it into a perfect disaster?

The Fainting Bride
Crystal collapsed in her parents' arms before reaching the altar on her wedding day. Unable to get over the incident, she now fears walking down the aisle as a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding.


Dr. Phil has advice and a surprise for Crystal. 


An Anorexic Bride
Tricia says her worst nightmare is being a fat bride. Having lost 15 pounds for her wedding so far by fasting on water and green tea, Tricia hopes Dr. Phil can help her with her anorexia.


Dr. Phil tells Tricia the truth as he sees it.   


The Shy Bride
Shawna agreed to a wedding with 100 guests and now she wants out. Panicked at the thought of being the center of attention, she now fantasizes about eloping. Her fiance wants her to get over it.


Dr. Phil has advice for the bride and groom.

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Wedding Etiquette
By Peggy Post
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