Anna says she has no idea what to do with her 16-year-old daughter, Layton, who has run away from home more than 20 times in the last eight months. In August, Layton made headlines in an incident that had Anna fearing the worst: that her daughter had been abducted. Anna says things have gotten so bad that she has resorted to locking her daughter in the house — and even that’s not working.

Layton says when she gets the urge to take off, nothing can stand in her way — and she admits she will do it again. What is she running from? Dr. Phil has some tough questions for the teen, who says she knows how to get by on the streets. Does she realize the danger she’s putting herself in?

How can Anna help her daughter get back on track and out of harm’s way?

This program contains strong language and adult subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

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Dr. Phil asks Layton what she's 'running to' when she runs away from home. How does she explain her behavior?

Who does Layton say takes care of her on the streets? Plus, Layton answers whether she believes she's actually suicidal.

Dr. Phil gives Anna his sobering thoughts on what he predicts will happen to Layton if she continues to run away.

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's offer of help to Layton. Is there anything to stop her from running?