Jon’s father, Jim, works as a Santa during the holidays — but Jon claims most of the time, his father is just plain selfish and nasty. But Jim says Jon is an entitled, ungrateful "mooch." Can Dr. Phil help this father and son broker a peace? Plus, see an emotional father-son reunion decades in the making! And, don’t miss a moving performance by 14-year-old singing sensation Jackie Evancho!

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Bad Santa or Naughty Son?

Jon, 32, says he hates his father, Jim — with whom he and his 9-year-old daughter live. Jon says Jim works as a Santa Claus during the holidays but claims most of the time, Jim is far from jolly. "My dad is a crazy, money-hungry baby, untrustworthy, very mean, very nasty," Jon says. "My dad has called the cops 32 times," he claims. "Probably 20 of those times have been because of me — for taking his food. My father once called the cops because I cooked up one of his pork chops.”

But Jim tells a different story and says Jon is the problem. He says Jon is disrespectful, ungrateful and entitled. "He feels the world owes him a living," Jim says. He continues, "My son is a mooch. I pay for everything. When Jon gets paid, it's usually gone the next day. I never see any of it."

Jim's other son, Jimmy, says he has no plans to spend Christmas with either his father or brother, especially if it's anything like last year. Jimmy says he ended up with a broken nose —and Jon ended up in jail — after the two got into a fight.

"He says you are untrustworthy, miserable and mean, and he prays to God to take this miserable * to heaven." Plus, hear about "the pork chop incident."

Jon's brother, Jimmy, weighs in. And, why hasn't Jim kicked Jon out?

How can Jim and Jon fix their relationship? Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice.

A Surprise Reunion

Greg, 64, is a professional trainer and body builder who thinks he is on the show to talk about health, fitness and Dr. Phil's new book, The 20/20 Diet. What he doesn't know is that professional locator Troy Dunn has a very special surprise for him: His long-lost son!

Greg says 46 years ago, when a girlfriend got pregnant, he was prepared to get a job and raise the child. But he claims he was left out of the decision to place the baby for adoption. Greg says he has been looking for his son ever since. "It's important to me for him to know that I never abandoned him," he says. "I always wanted him."

See the emotional moment when Greg meets his son, Wendell, for the first time.

Troy has one more big surprise for Greg — tune in to see what it is!

Plus, don't miss a moving performance of "Ave Maria" by Jackie Evancho!