When someone asks you for your opinion, do you beat around the bush or do you lay it on the line? Dr. Phil talks with guests about honesty and lying. When is it appropriate to tell that little while lie? Plus, how to spot a liar.

Honesty Test
Cathleen wanted to test her friends and family's honesty, so we set up a hidden camera and hired an actor to play her rude new boyfriend.

View what happened.


Brutally Honest
Fentisha says she has an obligation to herself and to others to be blunt. Her best friend Andrea says she needs to find a censor button.

Shrug, Nod and Smile
Kimberly breaks into a sweat when asked for her opinion, and finds it easier to shrug, nod and smile than to be honest. Her husband, Jason, is fed up with being her outlet to vent her true feelings.

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