Natalie, 22, claims her boyfriend of four years, Justin, 25, has an anger problem and says she fears for her life and for their 10-month-old son. Natalie says that since their son was born, Justin has turned into someone she doesn’t even recognize. She claims he throws things, rips doors off their hinges and once shoved her while she was holding their baby. Justin admits he has lost his temper — punched holes in walls and slammed doors — but says Natalie is overly dramatic. Both admit their child has witnessed the turmoil. Does this young relationship have a future?

Then, Samantha shared her experience with abuse in The Aspire Initiative, a free domestic violence education curriculum from When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation. She returns and has some words of wisdom for Natalie.

Plus, tune in as Robin announces the winners of the iAspire Campus Challenge, which awards a grant to students who effect change on the issue of sexual violence on college campuses. 

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A Relationship Turned Frightening

Natalie says she’s becoming terrified of her boyfriend, Justin. She says he wakes up in a rage and has violent outbursts that make her fear for her life and for their 10-month-old son.

Is this couple ready to get real? “I can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge.”

Natalie says Justin once shoved her when she was holding the baby, but Justin doesn’t remember it that way. What does he say really happened?

Teen Love Obsession

When Samantha was first on the show, she asked for Dr. Phil’s help to get a message across to her ex that their relationship was over. Her story became part of Robin’s Aspire curriculum for teens and young adults because it represents all the types of abuse teens face. Now, Samantha is back to give an update and offer some words of wisdom to Natalie and Justin. 

“It doesn’t get better. It doesn’t get easier; and I know from experience, marriage does not help.”

“Neither of you have a clue what marriage is," Dr. Phil tells the couple. "Neither one of you has any idea how to communicate, and it’s just absolutely, unequivocally not working.”

He tells Justin, "You need some serious anger and stress management training.”

Dr. Phil tells Natalie, “You have a bigger responsibility as mother here. You two need premarital counseling, and if that doesn’t happen right now, you’re putting yourself and your baby in harm’s way, and I can’t allow that to happen.”

Tune in to see if Natalie and Justin accept Dr. Phil's offer of help.


Robin’s Passion

“Ever since I’ve known her, my wife Robin has talked about empowering women,” Dr. Phil says. “Well, her dream came true last year when she established When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation, dedicated to helping women and children live healthy, safe and joy-filled lives, especially those affected by domestic violence.”

See all that Robin has accomplished during the first year of her foundation.

Robin was honored at a gala for Knock Out Abuse in Washington, D.C., for her efforts to enact change in the fight against domestic violence.

Campus Sexual Assault

Campus sexual abuse is a huge crisis in America. Robin’s foundation, When Georgia Smiled, along with Students of the World and Pivot TV, created the iAspire grant, which is awarded to students who effect change on the issue of sexual violence on college campuses.

Tune in to meet the deserving winners of the iAspire grant!

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