Rachel says her mother, Dixie, is “controlling, narcissistic and pure evil” and has turned Rachel's 18-year-old daughter, Abbie, against her. Dixie says Rachel has always been more interested in partying than being a good mom, and that’s why she feels Abbie is better off living with her. Dr. Phil reunites the three generations. What does Abbie want? And, can they hit the reset button and move forward in a peaceful, healthy way?

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A Family at Odds

Rachel admits she was a party girl when she was younger, so she often wasn't around for her daughter, Abbie, now 18. But Rachel is now in her late 30s, married and says she has changed. However, she says her "controlling" and "evil" mother, Dixie, continues to accuse her of being an alcoholic and using drugs — which Rachel denies. She claims Dixie has bought Abbie's loyalty and says that's the only reason Abbie is living with her grandmother. "My mom acts like she won," Rachel says. "She acts like Abbie chose her over me."

But Dixie says she doesn't trust that Rachel is really a changed woman, and she feels Abbie is better off living with her. "Abbie's whole childhood has been without a mother," she says. "Drugs and alcohol got in the way. They've always come first." Dixie continues, "For some reason, Rachel has some really deep hatred for me ... I don't know that I even want her back in my life."

Abbie says growing up, her mother was never there for her. "She was always out with friends or her husband," she claims. "I never had any boundaries. She never cared what I did. I felt very alone." She says she thinks her mother is self-centered and feeds off drama and chaos.

"I look at legacies ... Were you stable as a mother?"

Abbie says she is embarrassed by her mom's behavior. Dr. Phil looks at some of Rachel's Facebook posts — does Rachel see a problem?

"Your grandmother has involved you in adult issues; your mother has involved you in adult issues."

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice for everyone involved. Can Dixie and Rachel put an end to their animosity? And, how can this family move forward?