Ashley says she is desperate to get help for her brother, Justin, who she says is addicted to sex, alcohol and pain pills. Justin admits he has slept with over 300 women and struggles with substance abuse, but he blames his mother, Laura, for his problems — which he claims stem from his rocky childhood. Is there a family legacy that needs to be broken?

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“I am the way I am because of my mother and my childhood.”

No Stable Father Figure

Laura has been married four times and admits she always chooses the wrong men. She also acknowledges that she may have neglected Justin as a child because she was too consumed with men and marijuana.

Justin says when he was 15, Laura's then-boyfriend threw her through a sliding glass door, “doped her up” and drove her around town “hoping she would bleed out.” He says when he found out about the incident, he grabbed a baseball bat and went to the man’s house, where police had already arrived. “I stormed past them, swung the baseball bat, and they tackled me,” he says. “After [my mom] got out of the hospital, she moved back in with him.”

Laura says she doesn’t remember much about that event, but she admits she now feels regret for another incident that happened when Justin was 11 — when he says his stepfather traumatized him by tying him upside down from a tree. “It was just so horrible that I could let that happen,” she says, before correcting herself. “Well, I didn’t let it happen; I didn’t know about it.”

Where is Justin's biological father?

“You have zero accountability for what happened to you as a child … but you have 100 percent responsibility for what choices you make now.”

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's offer of help to Justin — will he accept a chance to better himself?

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