When 24-year-old Andee last met with Dr. Phil, she was struggling with drug addiction — and her parents, Pam and Ed, were at odds, blaming each other. Pam claimed her ex-husband, Ed, was an alcoholic who enabled Andee by giving her money for drugs, while Ed accused Pam of treating their daughter like a child. Dr. Phil gave the parents specific instructions on what their next steps should be, and Andee went straight to rehab after the show taping. Did Pam and Ed follow his advice?

Andee says she completed 90 days of rehab but later relapsed and is now desperately in need of Dr. Phil’s help once again. With her parents still pointing the finger at each other, who really is responsible for Andee’s downward spiral? And, Andee says she recently moved across the country to live with her new boyfriend — is he enabling her? Dr. Phil has words of warning for the couple. Is Andee finally ready to commit to staying clean?

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A Failed Recovery

After a failed attempt at drug addiction recovery, Andee and her parents sit down with Dr. Phil to examine what went wrong and how to move forward.

Pam, Andee's mother, says she feels as if she's doing everything in her power to help her daughter, but Ed is undermining her efforts due to his own issues with alcohol and denial of where the money he gives to Andee goes.

Ed admits to drinking but says he doesn't have a problem and doesn't do it to excess. He says he loves his daughter, and when he gives her money, he demands receipts to see where it goes, hoping to ensure it doesn't go toward drugs.

Will this family come together and work as a unit to help Andee?

Andee's dad, Ed, doesn't believe his daughter is a "full-blown" addict. Learn what he thinks is causing her drug use.

Andee's mom, Pam, tells Dr. Phil she's trying to do everything to help her daughter. Dr. Phil points out one thing she isn't doing.

Andee explains what she believes may be the root cause of her addiction. 

Tune in to see Dr. Phil's offer of a second chance to Andee.