Andreya says her 32-year-old brother, Tony, is addicted to prescription pills and has a gambling problem, with losses that she believes could be more than $100,000 — and their mother, Linda, is enabling him all the way. She says their mother lets Tony live with her for free, works two jobs to pay all his bills, refuses to kick him out and turns a blind eye to his drug use.

Linda says all she wants to do is take care of her “little boy” and refuses to listen to anyone bad-mouth her baby.

Tony admits he’s a smooth operator and can use charm and personality to get anything he wants. He says he was even facing 45 years in prison for drug trafficking, but the arresting officer pleaded for leniency, and Tony served only a little more than three years.

Can Linda learn to stop supporting her son’s dangerous lifestyle before he ends up back in prison — or dead?

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Enabling Mom

“My mother is the biggest enabler in the world,” Andreya says. “She does everything for Tony. She pays the bills, the mortgage. She pays for his truck. She pays for his gas. She stocks the refrigerator. No matter what he needs, he has. My mom supports him 100 percent. My mother is 68 years old and works two jobs. My mom will even wake him up in the mornings to go to work. Why do you have to wake up a 32-year-old? Go buy an alarm clock!"

Andreya continues, “My mother knows that he’s a drug addict, but she turns a blind eye. She lies for him. She will make excuses for him ... My brother is a junkie. He’s a loser.”

Andreya says Tony is also a gambling addict and spends every night at the casino. She says he wins money, goes out to buy and do drugs and then goes back to gambling. She says when he wins big, she gets scared he will overdose.

Linda admits, “My son, Tony, is a mama’s boy. I’m going to take care of him. I’m going to make his life easier. I love having Tony around. If it weren’t for Tony being here, I’d be talking to my dog, all by myself, waiting for her to answer.”

Linda claims she’s never seen her son do drugs. “When Tony got arrested, I had no clue that he was selling drugs. I was ashamed to say my son was in prison, so I didn’t tell anybody. I would make excuses: ‘Oh, Tony’s working,’” she says. “I can’t kick him out. I’m worried something is going to happen to him. Where’s he going to eat? Where’s he going to sleep? I don’t care what anybody says, he will always be my baby.”

“You have to know that you are crippling your son.”

A Smooth Operator?

Tony admits, “People call me a smooth operator, a used car salesman. I’ve been conning people for a while. It’s the addiction coming out of me.”
Tony admits his weakness is pain pills. He says at his worst, he has snorted 10 to 12 pills a day, and then does cocaine. “I’ve spent over $10,000 on drugs. This is an expensive nose. A lot of pills have gone up this nose,” he says. Cameras capture Tony crushing a pill and snorting it — while driving.

Dr. Phil calls out the people in Tony’s life who enable him, including his mother and his attorney. “He’s not a good guy — he’s a punk ass drug addict.”

Dr. Phil explains how Linda has a codependent relationship with her son, which is hurting both of them.

Tune in to see Dr. Phil’s offer of help to Tony — and his ultimatum to Linda.

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