Sarah says she has been caught between her pastor husband, Jason, and her parents, who won't accept him, for nearly a decade. Emotions run high when Sarah’s parents come face to face with Jason’s parents, Doug and Melodie, for the first time since the wedding. Can Dr. Phil ease the tension and help these families move forward? Plus, meet another mother-in-law accused of bad behavior. Is she putting her granddaughter at risk?

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Sparks fly when the parents face each other. What do Doug and Melodie say about their son and Sarah's relationship?

"Marriage is not 50/50. Marriage is 100/100." Hear Dr. Phil's advice for Jason and Sarah — and for their parents.

Mother-in-Law Drama

Bobby and Felicia say they're at their wits' end living with Felicia's "meddling, drama queen" mother, Randee. What's more, the couple claims Randee is putting their special needs daughter at risk by selling prescription pain pills out of the house. "She takes less than what she's prescribed, and then she sells the rest," Felicia says. She claims, "There have been times when my mom has done a deal when she's supposed to be watching Brooklyn."

Randee admits she did once have "what you would call a side business," but she strongly denies she is currently selling drugs. She says Bobby and Felicia are disrespectful, ungrateful and constantly ganging up on her. "All Felicia cares about is money," Randee says. "As long as I can buy her the things she wants, she's happy. But if I don't have the money, she's pissed off."

Dr. Phil has a strong warning for the entire group.

Tune in to hear Dr. Phil's advice for the family. Will all the adults involved accept accountability?